Protobuild packages

Packages without the pain. Cross-platform packages that let you switch between binaries and source code seamlessly.

Truely cross-platform

Packages that support every platform. Rather than focusing on frameworks, Protobuild focuses on platform features. This allows libraries to truely work across all platforms, without sacrificing functionality and without expensive runtime checks. Find out more .

Source when you need it

Don't let package binaries prevent debugging. Protobuild allows you to swap out binary packages for a source-based version, with a single command.

Fast submodules

Improve your build times by using binary packages instead of Git submodules. Protobuild packages have binaries mapped to Git hashes, so you can get binaries for the version you use, and skip the build and Git history costs.

Source code caching

Source versions of packages have their Git history cached locally. When you add the same library to another project, it will fetch and then clone from your local cache, drastically reducing the time required to add source-based libraries.

Independent hosting

All Protobuild packages are referred to by their full URLs. There's no preference of a central repository, which means you can easily host packages on your own server or internally without additional setup.

NuGet support

You can now include packages from a NuGet repository directly (cross-platform support subject to the NuGet package you are including). Find out more .